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The Ghost Of Doctor’s Ground

There was a talk among us kids
About the ghost, which we believed,
Resided in the house by the playground
Where an old doctor had once lived.

The house was very old and huge
With big tamarind trees around it,
No one was living in it now
It was beginning to crumble a bit.

We played cricket by it in the day
About the ghost we would forget,
Rumours were, the ghost would
Wake up in the night after sunset.

The ghost was that of a famous doctor
Who, was the head of the city hospital,
Who, loved his house and his job
And who all his life had remained single.

His death was most unfortunate and tragic
He met with and terrible accident,
While on his way to the hospital
His body was burnt, but his spirit wasn’t.

His spirit and soul did live on,
In the house which he loved,
In the hearts of his patients
And in the hospital that he worked.

He had become a local legend
People could not believe he was dead,
So probably they made him into a ghost
And through us kids, the ghost stories spread.

There was this playground near my house which we called as Doctor’s ground. As kids we were frightened to go there at night times, because of rumours about the ghost living in the abandoned house by the ground.
Rdnr 24/7/06

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interesting story, and well expressed, vik...finely crafted work...'''''''''''''''''''fjr