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The Ghosts Of You!
(January,1975 / Georgia)

The Ghosts Of You!

Poem By Lacy Greear Kobilis

The shaking of the ground
Frightened us all
Then I saw the ghosts of you
And I began to fall
They grabbed me
And took me
Somewhere I didn’t know
They experimented on me
Before letting me go
They took all my memories
And made them seem real
It was like you were there
Your skin, I could feel
You smiled at me as I remembered
Then I heard you say
“I love you Lacy”
Then you faded away.

I awoke on a deserted rode,
Nobody there to help me
Nobody there to lift me to my feet
Nothing but silence all around
Then I was deafened briefly
By a horrible crashing sound

Once I realized it was my world
I looked around for the Ghosts of you
They were gone this time,
But I still didn’t know what to do.

I stood slowly and lifted my hands
I begged for help in continuing my life

Now that I was alone,
No longer your lover
No longer your wife

How, just how can I do this -I cried
But soon I truly realized,
That when I said I couldn’t live without you
I unknowingly lied.

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