The Giant In Thee

Poem By Olujobi Jedidiahz

Ne’er knew dwells in my casket
As day wear new garments; long I for
Beholding the beauty of its wonders
In the vessel made sunshine

Ne’er knew dwells in my casket
In wonderment I shelter
In perfect tranquility I pray
For its blessings upon this dust

Ne’er knew beside my tent it markets
Yet the song of it I sing all along
In a strange-land search
From afar behold its mechanism
Yet lay still in my womb an infant

Ne’er knew treasure admire diligently
That shot that tree to limelight
Lays its ‘paro’ silently in me
Waiting me discover its way
In other to make history like ‘em’

In others thy manifestation cherish
In them I see opportunity created for wealth
The distraction of me makes I not acknowledge
The power of this giant in me

Ne’er knew the day discover thee
Marks my turning point
Ne’er knew the day find this treasure,
A new chapter begins

Oh mortals of diversification
Live in thee are seeds of happening
Seeds that can make you wanna be
Identify the diamond in you
Before thy trumpet a melodious inspiration

The giant in thee will take you places
Though that beginning obstacles experience
But thy armour of sacrifice
Surely fly you on colorful wings

Be a lion, be a serpent,
In thy days of mountain escalation
For the giant in thee to truly manifest,
The armour of courage and focus
Must be girded steadfast

The path ne’er straight
Along lives curves called failure
A loop called confusion
Speed bumps called friends

Ahead lives red light called family
You’ll have flat tyre called jobs
But if you have spare tyre in possession
Called gratitude and determination

An engine called perseverance
Insurance called faith
A driver called Jesus
Then believe me you that giant in you
Surely wears you prestigious coat of many colors

Stay focus friend of innocent heart
Experience the wind of change
As the giant in thee – the you in you
Achieve the unachievable.

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