The Gift; Can You Guess What It Might Be?

Placed in my hand as a little kid,
got so attached to the way it made me feel. at times we traveled together from one neighborhood to another; almost consider to be like my morher-
It lead me in the right direction.

It also taught me how to work with others around me, it hepled me to understand i had other out to help me succeed.As i would lead it followed it turn a house into a home; put me in the right zone.

Many roads to take, 'but i choose the roads less traveled by'by this gift thrusted apon me i could never see another gift better for me.

This gift is so simply design, its has nothing more but four lines, cant fit in others hand but it was made to fit in mine... A Basket was the gift and its all mine!

by Queen Taz

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Kevia, I like to read what poets say about poetry. There are so many answers. Here is what Gwendolyn Brooks said, 'In your poems, talk about what you know. Talk about what you think. Talk about what you feel. Talk about what you wonder. COLLECT WORDS! Buy your own dictionary. Read your dictionary every day. CIRCLE exciting words. The more words you know, the better you will be able to express youself, your thoughts. Be yourself. Do not imitate other poets. You are as important as they are. Do not be afraid to say something NEW. In some of our poems. BE A LITTLE MYSTERIOUS! Surprise yourself and your reader! ' I think that you are doing some of this already. Keep at it. It is nice to hear someone share what really are very personal and speacail fealings. The basket was a surprise to me. Ben