The Gift Of Love

Poem By James Greene

There was a time I lived in sorrow and dread,
My heart was so black and my soul was dead.
You came into my life with a heart full of love,
As though you were a sweet angel,
Sent down to me from heaven above.

The softness of your true love,
Laid all my turbulence to rest.
You helped bring out those qualities
Which I needed to be my best.

With all that you gave and inspired in me,
And such gentle sweetness and kindness you showed.
Forever brought me out of the bleak darkness,
Soon magically within me; a bright light glowed.

So much in life, had been invisible to me,
No one ever before you, was able to help me see:

The beauty within myself,
The beauty within others,
The beauty when the sun shines.
The beauty that's felt wherever I go.

The beauty in the clouds above,
The beauty in the night sky.
The beauty in all things big and small,
The beauty in the young and the old.

The beauty in all of nature that surrounds me,
The beauty that shall be in my life always.
The beauty that the Lord has given to me,
Thus becoming the person that God meant me to be.

This, the given gift of light and unconditional love,
That you have so strongly instilled within my mind's eye,
Is so special, and is truly my Dear, A treasured memory of love,
That inspired wings to fly.

(written by James R. Greene
and Sandra Ann Cauley/April 1 2007)

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