The Gift Of Speech

Speech is a precious gift given to all mankind
To convey to another what is in one's mind.
It is a powerful weapon to degrade someone.
It can also praise and produce lots of fun.
Our words can motivate, encourage, and console.
They can also demean, devastate, and cajole.
Words can truly uplift and heal a broken heart
Or they can discourage and tear someone apart.
Our words need to be selected with wisdom and care
As those uttered with malice may led to despair.
Words can be a source of inspiration for all,
Or they can insult or cause somebody's downfall.
May each of us reflect on the words we say,
And sprinkle them with love and kindness every day.
May our speech be laced with gentleness and charity
To challenge, reprimand, and protect one's dignity.

by Mary Angela O'Connor

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