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The Girl

her feet pound the stairs
she climbs higher and higher
loud shouts echo off the cement walls behind her
the girls breath is coming in ragged gasps
she runs faster
a door appears and she throws herself against it
a man jumps at her from behind
he grabs her arm and whirls her around
the girl stares at him with blood red, haunted eyes
her wet hair falls in sheets over her tear streaked face
struggling against his iron grip
her sleeve tears
she runs again
tears blind her but she doesn’t bother to wipe them away
angry yells ring out behind her
she doesn’t understand
a window looms in front of her
a dead end
no way out
she puts all her pain and suffering into one mighty blow
the window shatters
a inhuman, torched scream echoes off the walls
long after she has hit the ground

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