The Girl

I see her with eyes
as cobalt blue as the sky,
shining full of light as the sun
her hair is yellow like the winter grass
and the blush of the rising sun
is on her cheek.

I have seen the white of her skin,
while breakers roll in from the sea
walked the path in her hair
through the veldt,
through fields filled with corn.

Have smelt her scent on hillocks
full of flowering sugar-bush,
in valleys with jasmine
and I know her well,
have been since childhood
under her spell.

Every day she is more part of me,
in everything that I do and see
as she is the one
from where all the tribes, the people
in my world comes.

Her name will forever
stay dear to me,
as its part of my history,
even is knotted into the essence of me

and she is my country South Africa.

by Gert Strydom

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