The Girl

Most girls you meet gravel at your feet
So I don’t think you know how sweet it feels to be with a person who actually has a personality
I’m not one to beg or even to preach
I just ask for you and you’ll know who I am from the very beginning
You’ll wonder why you seem to like me and I’ll not wonder at all
I’m different from any other girl who says love is everything
And I’m different from those girls at parties who drink to fit in
I’m like no one you will ever meet
I’m the girl who accepts pain and moves on
I’m the girl who won’t make out with you in your car
I’m the girl you will learn to respect and want to please
I’m everything and in due time you’ll fall in love with me
I don’t care about your past
I forgive everything
And you’ll get it when you see my inner purity
Sweetness flows from my lips and love will flow from your heart and some day you will meet me and know who I am from the very start
We’ll be together and we’ll say until death do us part
But not even a life time will please your love hungry heart
I’ll be with you for an eternity that’s my promise from the very start
I’ll love you forever and I’ll be your sweet heart

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