BS ( / Balasore, Orissa, India)

The Girl By The Window

Wearing a light green dress,
She was sitting in my front.
Looking out through the window,
At the vast green stretches,
She was getting restless,
As the train galloped ahead,
Opened the hair knot at the back of her head
In a bid to fly out!

The flock of swimming birds,
In the distant sky
Their sight made her happy.
She turned her head inside
To look at the silent passengers
And her face turned wry.

When the rains poured in,
Through the windows she was sitting by,
Others forced her to pull the shutters down,
She started humming to give consolation
To her objections to the elderly orders,
Rising from within her.

The black big eyes were restless,
Like her flying dupatta;
The ground nut she was eating,
Danced out,
Asking her to follow it!

There was nothing inside the cabin,
Which could help her to fix the eyes on.
She was musing at the objects of the nature,
Running past the windows.

I wish she had wings,
As she is bored of the static things.
Nevertheless, I am not worried,
For I know she has got,
A mind, so free and fast,
Which helps her to fly out,
As and when she needs it!

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