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The Girl From Cebu City
(29 September 1970 / South Africa)

The Girl From Cebu City

I know a girl from Cebu City
I have never met her but I know of her
through her lover… a much older man
who lives in my city.

She is much younger
very beautiful… a bit like a child
He has arranged for her to come for an
extended visit

He is worried that people might think
he has bought and paid for her, lest
her feelings be hurt

I say she is too young to understand…

He says he will throw money at the problem
and take her here and there, spoil her,
buy her things…
only to take her mind off things, of course…

I think it is ironic that this girl will go back
to Cebu City with more possessions
thinking herself richer for the experience –
not having been bought and paid for, of course…

and that this man from my city will be
all the poorer for his judgment….
for buying the paper queen
a heart of stone.

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Comments (5)

It is a wonderful poem derived from wit and experience. I like and added 10.
money and romance....disturbing and powerful, this one left me a bit unnerved, but i think it reflects human nature quite well. If i read it right, Im assuming the man essentially 'bought' her loving heh...kind of like we calculate how 'nice a dinner' it will cost to buy our loving, while the woman was left feeling used. excellent 10/10
So good a poem is almost beyond contemplation. wonderful to read, thanks -nkuja
This man must be very lonely - I think I understand where he is coming from, for him it's worth risking it - for the oppertunity of not having to be alone for a while. Excellent Poem!
To give love and a relationship a retail price is putting the wrong foot forward eyes and hearts so often swayed by the golden paths of western society 10 thanks Yuri