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The Girl From Yesterday
DJ (10th August 1991 / Slagelse)

The Girl From Yesterday

Poem By Dan Jensen

Her hair it flew,
As a dusin of seas waves,
Also was it shining new,
Any boys would fall for her,
As nothing but slaves.

Her eyes shining like the sun,
Of beauty and of mystics like the moonbeam,
I fell for her as number one,
As this wild and amazing girl,
She surely became my wildest dream.

My deepest feelings of the lost heart,
Was awaken again,
And for her they now start,
God for her I feel,
Please believe that, amen.

A star shooting in the universe crowd,
Is her lips smiling such a sweet scent,
What parents of her must be so proud,
I love her so much,
I gladly to her my heart have sent.

Her hands smaller then mine,
But still so sweet,
Just holding hand in hand, would for me be the suns shine,
She's to me an angel walking on earth,
To her only, my heart goes its beat.

Sometimes she says stuff,
Stuff that has a chance to erase how happy I am,
And sometimes she says stuff,
That makes me want to die,
But I live on hoping to become her man.

Her legs as they move,
Just walking is enough to make a mark,
If only you saw, as then I could prove,
Even without a light,
She brights up in the dark.

I love her, I love her more than I am supposed,
I want her, I want her more than I have earned,
I miss her, I miss her more than so, my feelings closed,
Girl, for you my silence it burned,
For you my love now has turned.

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lovely poem Dan; god bless u