The Girl I Used To Be

My tree will know it all
the tree of my childhood
with the endless branches
and the many whispers

by Pia Andersson Click to read full poem

Comments (26)

It hits home. Well done.
Sigh....just simply stunning. Another diamond poetess.
Sensational (in all senses of the word)
Poignant, a little sad, made me think about the girl I used to be.
outstanding poem i love it so much
This poem is a photosynthesis delight... sugar, sweetness and light.. thank you... One Peace at a Time, Deana
Memories bring out great thoughts. Well penned.
Beautifully written i have read it six times and am smitten lol Chris
The girl with the wind in her hair............! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! beautiful one...the childhood memory is just soothing breeze of evening touching the hair...most reveling. great work.well penned
The tree that carries the memory stored in nature's diary remembers you too. One with nature we will be, if only we choose to become. The depth of the expression is clearly laid.
A very nice and unique one. The tree of reminiscences is indeed ever cherished. Well done and thanks for sharing it.
A poignant evocation of the past, echoed in the present. This is a very praisworthy poem - the image of the tree pervades the piece with a sense of continuity, however far the past recedes. None of us wake to be the same person, each morning. Memory stitches the days together - but tomorrow's memories must stitch the days anew. - Will
Poignant, bittersweet and uniquely Pia. I like this one very much. Warmest regards, Sandra
well sweet swede, here I am at last.. and as for your writing, it gets better and better... I like this retrospective piece, poignant and nostalgic, but of course you are still that girl as well, inside, she has just grown into a woman, but she's still
Absolutely Pia, Beautifully done. I so enjoy your writing. I deeply feel your poems. Tony D.
A truly lovely poem Pia, thank you for posting...
This is beautiful. The concept of 'My Tree' strikes a very deep chord that resonates in alll of my body, a parallel being of another species who knows everything, not only how you were, but how you are. The poem itself is very powerful, and moves with great force. It is filled with strength - and longing. Thank you, again, Pia. This is beautiful!
The simplicity and beauty of this poem bowls me over., , , , LOVE IT! ! ! Love.............................Risha
I can see a deep rooted tree blooms the flowers of nostalgia the childhood fragrance. It's really a pastel drawing.
liked this Pia, childhood can bring back so many happy memories before life got in the way Bill