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I Lost My Mind To The Spirit

A mind so out of control yet so in control,
Insomnia and living with your demons takes its toll.
So cold, so gaunt yet its what I crave, what I desire,
The acidic feelings in my stomach, burning like fire.

The person who used to exist is now my enemy,
Nothing more than a dream, a distant memory
I'm walking through this city on my own,
A room full of mirrors that highlight every bone.

Temptation is dead, all I see is spirits, whisper,
Injecting me with venom, making me shiver.
I'm so lucky to have someone who protects me,
Why does no one else see what I see?

These spirits become apart of me now,
They're my only friends but what they speak of is foul.
Everyone else means nothing; they look at me with sorrow,
How could my chest become so hollow?

I hate them all when what they want to do is save me,
But I never asked, for help. They just make me angry.
The spirits have consumed my mind,
Poising my brain, my smell, and my sight.

Visions of being free clouds my thought,
But it all goes against what these demons have taught.
I've completely lost all will to fight,
I look forward to endless sleep, as tonight will be a sleepless night.

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I see rather a lot of these poems, and thought here we go again; the helpless girl who has lost everything but you have really done something different with this. The realisation of self at the end is stunning. Well done for defying my prejudice about 'mirror' poems. Regards Daniel