The Girl Nextdoor

Bleeding through my shirts
the heart is there, still you steal
the worst i'm still here
I'm still by your side
all the restless nights
all the memories
this silens haunts me
the girl nextdoor waits
for the saints

Disconnect my name
Burn let it just burn
Burn my sweet girl, burn my sweet girl
let it just burn! Burn my sweet girl

The gril nextdoor waits, for the saints
she will never let go! never let go!

I'm losing track of time, Everthing you said
Bleeding by faith, still all i think of....
To be by your side once agin, ONES AGAIN!

now im letting go!
just hate me!
such a waste of time but!
i will allwes be by your side!
all the memoris!
all the restless night!
still i regret nothing!
the girl nextdoor!
waits for the saints!

by Evil Angel

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