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The Munch Of Confusion...

When midnight throws ghastly shadows on road
Prostitutes, junkies come out from their hide
'Who are you with such sudden overload? '
Doubt me not for I'm Confusion inside...
To clear out idea, I am perfect
And yet you will see I'm not clarified
I am the WHAT IF's and MIGHT BE's effect
I am the one for whom you can't decide...
Have you ever heard that sound of silence?
Eerie silence, echoed and amplified
Have you ever seen that shade of darkness?
Unknown darkness that spreads upon you, wide
With uncertainty, I'll certainly guide
Doubt me not; to doubt me you never tried
Doubt me not for it's with you I abide
I walked,
I ran,
I fell,
I cried;
Never died...

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Beautiful, if only we all found such a passion and received it in return.