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The Girl That Could'Ve Changed The World
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The Girl That Could'Ve Changed The World

This is a story about a girl
Who had the power to change the world
Brilliant body, spirit, and mind
Full of faith, always kind
She had all she needed

But lost herself
Became defeated
Couldn't find the courage to get back up
If only she never gave up

The only thing she missed was
She never really believed
Never thought 'It could be me'

Maybe if she had believed
There would be no such thing as misery
No war just peace
No sadness, madness, just happiness
But she never believed

Just a nameless face in a sea of other nameless possibilities
If only the girl with the power to change the world had believed...
Oh well I guess it isn't yet meant to be.

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Hannah, this poem is so moving! There are so many times I've seen people who have a multitude of possibilities but lack the self-assurance to make their dreams a reality. I feel I also have this problem to some degree, so as I was reading this poem, I found comfort in your ability to put it into perspective. Very beautifully written! Take care, Beth
Amazing poem. Its very touching. Thankyou: ]