The Girl Who Didn'T Mind

Her grip was firm, her muscles taut,
As she held onto the chain.
I tried to look the other way,
As I stood in the lane.

But I was mesmerized instead,
By her every swing and sway.
I still recall the way she looked,
That sweet, bright summer's day.

She must have thought she was alone,
Though I really didn't know.
Sometimes girls just like to,
As they say, put on a show.

Her hair flew back and trailed behind,
Then curled around her face.
She didn't seem to mind at all,
It settled every place.

They dangled up and dangled down,
As she rocked them to and fro.
I guess she really didn't mind,
How much her legs would show.

She wore a yellow dress with lace,
But I really didn't care.
I was just a boy back then,
So lucky to be there.

Her dress blew up her slender back
To reveal her every charm.
I guess I shouldn't then have looked,
But I thought, what's the harm?

She sang a gentle song of joy,
As girls will sometimes do;
When they are lost in dreams of love,
Of boys they never knew.

I looked again to see what more
She might reveal this time.
The swing came back and once again,
I guess it was a crime.

I smiled, and then I turned away,
Though I might have looked some more;
For I had seen them all that day,
The charms young boys adore.

I went to see her one more time,
Was just the other day.
It was good to notice once again,
Her beauty on display.

I just went by to give my thanks
For her gift of all her charms.
And then I gently placed a rose
Across her folded arms.

I still don't know just why she did,
She really must have known.
Perhaps it was her private game,
Pretending she's alone.

However strange it came to be,
She knew what not to wear.
I guess she may have hoped some boy
Might just be standing there.

But even if she didn't know,
I thought it oh so kind;
For her to be just as she was,
The girl, who didn't mind.


Comments (18)

this is truly amazing. what terrific imagery, oh how fun.
I don't know how I missed this gem. Great poem.
O that sweet innocense of childhood.Another ten-it's really hard to pick between the two poems.
Hi Wolfe! This poem is delightfully captivating! Wish i could give it a - 'higher rating'! ! Best regards! ! * 10plus*! Friend Thad
When they are lost in dreams of love, Don't you dare even think of removing this beautiful work- truly a deja vu for all the boys aroha, r
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