C (October 1991 / New York)

The Girl With A Broken Heart

she used to wear her heart out on her sleeve
now she has learned to just be a tease
she lets no one close, nobody gets in,
and it’s in that case, that nobody wins

her headphones are on, she hears not a thing
she’s lost in the music, but she never sings
just nods her head, to the beat that she hears
no one sees her smile, no one sees her tears

her eyes stare ahead, no focus they hold
they look so pretty yet feel so cold
she sits there so quietly and plays with her ring
she never smiles, she doesn’t feel a thing

they wonder about her, what her story is
she sits there, and thinks about him
because you see, what they don’t know
is she’s a great girl, who’s heart has been broke.

her heart is bruised, but she’s learned to survive
because she never lets anyone see her cry
she’s built up a wall, she pushes them away
they don’t ask what’s wrong, and she doesn’t say

they call her a loner, but she doesn’t care
she looks away as she plays with her hair
her blonde hair died black, it blows in the wind,
and those dark eyes, who knows where they’ve been

so for now she’ll put on her ipod, and block it all out
they know someday she’s going to break and shout
but until then she will play her part
because she’s just the girl with a broken heart.

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I love it great rhymes and a good story keep up the good work