The Girl With Sparkling Eyes

I made a mark beside her name,
Just trying to keep score.
If she keeps talking on, I thought,
She'll earn herself some more.

by GREENWOLFE 1962 Click to read full poem

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this was truly awesome. I loved the entire imagery and display of amusement. well done.
this had my attention right through and is a wonderful poem great write
A skilfully carved story, I enjoyed reading it. It's grasping and gives a feeling as if I've been there. You are really a master of storytelling!
Thoroughly enjoyed this tale. Really good write
What cute story and poem all wrapped up in one. totally captivating. Couldnt wait to see what happened next. That spry girl with the sparklin eyes. Ahh the frisky ones, you gotta watch out for them. Thank your for the smile your poem gave me.
Greenwolf! ! You wicked little Devil! ! lol this was great! ! :) wonderful! anchor! ! ! ! ! anchor! !
haha! ! story so well narrated............well penned sir..........
This poem brings us to the very jovial mood a 10+
I really like this poem! I laughed when I read it, so I read it to some friends, and they liked it. All 17 of the friends I read it togave it a 10, well done! ! !
This poem made me laugh! It's amazing; hardly any poems make me laugh, but this one did.10+, thanks Athena *** words will change the world ***
there is humor in this, it reminds me of my class where one teacher thrashed all of us for talking even the innocent ones not spared... good to read on.... it is a good tale.. should go to your hall of fame..10 and more stars for this Rema
I loved this poem. It made me laugh and I was smiling the entire time I was reading it. I love things that do that.
Absolutely wonderful! I loved how it was written with the feeling of being there. The detail was nicely done. I loved how it included you in the poem also. It made me feel as if i was living that all over again.
Green you are at your best in describing the tale in so interesting and musical ways. Its a nice poem rejuvenaing the sweet pulls of the past...
sorry for my second comment. I read yur poem again and I feel I should give you full 10 points which you rightly deserve regards anju
amazing poem! i love it! i dont know how you do it! good job! keep it up =] Sam
Great Job GW All the best Love duncan X
Stay well, my friend. 10! ! ! !
hey greeny, beautiful read of childhood mischief. You have brought out well the first 'love at first sight' of a young boy. excellent rhyming too regrds anju
What a story...and a very nice poem! Thank you for the laughter...Jeannie.