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The Girls Butterfly
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The Girls Butterfly

Poem By Paula Zahnke

Piles of burden stood in the girls mind.
Packing her lifes necessary and leaving just in time.
Loving others was one part of life.
That was now not an option that was in her suitcase.
The bed was made nicely and neatly for those.
Where her memories were made into her own cycle.
The girl folding her own dresses that were torn.
By the lies her family her real family tried to tuck under the boards.
The floor rumbles with thier cries for help.
To where her heart aches from anger from those.
Who she tried wilingly to love and share alife.
Longing for her sister.
Longing to hold her hand and take her far away.
from the ashamement and embarreassment of a life not wanting
to be born from herself to her own mother.
Her real sister faking sickness to get others spotlight.
Of fame and fortune.
This girl wanting her own dreams and beig heard from those
who need to hear it the most.
the fools, the greedy, those who do not know her at all.
Her own innocense taken away when life was supported by artificial means.
Those who gave her a new foundation in life.
to build her own sucess away from the embarrassment.
Of a world going upside down and to the poor.
A cupboard filled with cans of fools.
who tried to make her look bad.
When the blue eyes of a butterfly met her at a windowsill.
In her gardens of enjoyment and pure love and laughter.
Apology to the buttafly goes to the trees. in which turn
flies it over the the wind.
which turns it over to the angels of love and sisterhood.
Most of all, pleaseures and tranquility.

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