(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

The Glamour And Glitz Of Posture

The glamour and glitz,
Of posture.
To pose it.
Is slipping from its grip,
As a definitive way of life...
To depict as wished.
Today few still crave,
Impressions to make...
With possessions to debit,
On good credit to fake...
Imitations to masquerade,
What it takes to qualify...
Happiness and peace of mind.
When others are awakening,
To find it discovered...
Cheaper it is to watch parades.
Than it is trying to convince,
Investing in them prevents...
Leaving charades behind,
Is a foolish move to make...
For those who have chosen life,
To live basically.
Without it being rated,
By those masking their misery!

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