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The Glove Thrown Down
EF (11/23/49 / Thibodaux. Louisiana)

The Glove Thrown Down

Poem By elysabeth faslund

Whatcha gonna do
That you haven't

Come get me
Let's even this

Tried your best
Thru these years...
Hurricane horrors...
Still no tears!

Now you try
The lightning arcs,
Tornado alarm,
Lights all dark....

Still I'm laughing!
Your childish tries!
Your monster winds?
Gentle Spring sighs!

Come get me

Note: written during a massive storm yesterday afternoon.2-12-08

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Comments (4)

Yeah, this sparkiness and change of pace makes for enjoyable reading dear storm defying Viking.... but you knew all along that she wasn't listening! ! Nice work Elys! xxx
Your write is as powerful as your subject,10 for taking on MARIAH! I am glad things are a little more stable here in France Chris. We do have the Mistral but she is gentle x
I quess your asking for trouble here Elysabeth, it is best not to taunt nature, it is always more powerful than we realise. It seems you will have plenty of practice if the weather keeps getting more violent every year. I enjoyed the read very much. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
individual results during storms may vary. i usually find a sturdy church, where i was never welcomed, and seek shelter in their storm cellar. take care.