MB (November 16,1946 / Bangladesh)

The Glow Of Memory

If that place can never be traced out
If neither the surroundings are thorny nor there walks the cobra
And if the rain-tree still stands like a flag stand
If that river flows in raging torrent
And if that stays at a distance of fifty feet
If the memory that was very secretly buried
Be rightly active like it was in the past
When the Panjabis scorched villages shouting ‘Mukti, Mukti'
And inquired about ‘Joy Bangla'

That's the story of the long past
But I say- it seems to me of yesterday
When I was fleein' from everything of my usual life
And was used to say ‘I know nothing' if asked or not
And now, when some people are pulling us like the Panjabis
I am to say the same
‘I know nothing' if asked or not

Translated by Abul Kayyum

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