* The God In You

The God in heaven
The God in you
I see him a clear blue
As you sleep warm
in my arms
And wriggle around your charms
Clasping your soft
tiny fingers
surrounding my neck.
On my cheek
You hissing soft breath
Of curdled milk and honey
Look ing up the stars and moon
And counting the thousand blessings
And see God come to me
In every single bit of you

7th Sept.2010


Comments (6)

A mother's feelings and her love so nicely painted in a beautiful poem.
And sure Anjali God is in all of of us in Nice caring and humanely, Nicely Penned!
Baby face there is no better to place to find God as shown in this heavenly poem... regards
God lives with love And I really love you.
All night your moth-breath flickers among the flat pink roses.I wake to listen: a far sea moves in my ear. One cry and i stumble from bed, cow heavy and floral in my victorian night-gown. your mouth opens clean as a cat's... plath.... a mother's love in all its depths....
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