The God's Chosen Creature

Oh! My dear baby!
Let me tell you a story,
Of a tiny little boy,
Riding on a pony.

He went far and wide,
In nook and corner, tried,
To find out, what was great,
That could make him great.

He first met the Fish,
And expressed his wish,
To know, what was great,
To make him great.

The Fish told him, it heard,
That great one was the Bird,
That could fly high,
Well up in the sky.

The Bird, with wings blue,
Said, it wasn’t true,
As the great one was a Tree,
That made its life care free.

The Tree told him then,
The Monkey was the great one,
As it jumped free.
From tree to tree.

The Monkey told the Sea
Was the big one to see,
The great, said the Sea, was the River,
For its pure water.

The great one, the River said,
Was the dark dense Cloud,
As the River without water,
Was dead, for ever.

The Cloud bowed its head,
To the Mountain and said,
It lost its strength
Before the Mountain, at length.

As the Rat could drill
A hole down the foot-hill,
The Mountain said, it was the Rat,
The great one, in fact.

No, it wasn’t the Rat,
Which was afraid of the Cat,
So, the great one was the Cat,
And not the little Rat.

So said, the tiny Rat,
And sent him to the Cat,
That sat on a wall,
Which was very tall.

No, said the Cat, the Dog
Was the one so big,
That chased it out,
When it came to eat.

The Dog said, the great one,
Was the Man and the Man alone,
As it obeyed its Master,
Waiting at his pleasure.

It was time, the Boy learnt,
That he was growing great.
A Man of the future,
The God’s chosen creature.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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A story very well narrated. Thank you for your work. Best wishes. A.