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The God Who Lives Within
TA (June 30,1981 / India)

The God Who Lives Within

Why do we have to listen to this chant?
They don’t make any sense to me
Why Gods are kept to temples, church and mosque
Isn’t he in the smile of the child?
Isnt he in the flower that blooms?
Isnt he in the breeze that flows?
When you are in pain
You hear his voice within
When you are alone
He is the one to speak
He is the air
When you breathe
He is the strength
When you are broke
Close your eyes and look within
And you’ll find him there
He is the sunshine that brightens your day
He is in the lovely song of the birds
Hear him in the music of the stream
Why do we search him
In temple, church and mosque
Why can't we look inside
This body is his temple
And he is the idol
Let us spread love and peace
For that is the reason we are born
Lets try to make heaven on earth
Lets find the God who lives in us
Let all of us spread the message
The message of love
The message of peace
No one should be sleeping hungry
No more children crying for bread
Let the idol in us be proud of us
Let us seek the God who lives within.

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Comments (6)

Very intense poem, tara, true to what you have mentioned in your bio! Well dear, the journey to seek within begins from without. God bless!
A WONDERFUL POEM! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! A TRUE POEM! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! INDEED NO DOUBT! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
This poem means a lot. A lot to be learnt from this poem.
This poem of God should be written in golden letters. Such a powerful message should be a lesson to all the fanatics of religion.
Once you realize that God lives within you, love flows out of you naturally. Love for life, for the world and all the creatures living in it. You forget your past sins and stop looking for the future and learn how to enjoy the present. Beautiful thought. Very well written. I am on your side of arguments.
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