The Goddess

my goddess that cradles the world so sweetly, dancing upon the waves so carelessly moving grant me your strength so that one day I might once again be with you and read every breath not with sight but with the veins that run though everything living thing wrapped around their atmosphere, their being what make each of us a unique piece of art...lend me your sight to see that which others blind themselves to do not turn a blind eyes at that which must be taken head on allow me to quit that shacking of my body and that voices of my mind be calm and see the challenges ahead to that I may walk though the sludge that gathers at your children's feet...I choose to help the gateway rebuild so that we may see but not be tainted by the sketches that we try to burn with our internal fires, you who never looks away, who created shards of light that chase the gloom at night and who banished the one who we once feared as the 'boogieman' under the rocks and into the shadows that we must never allow to be dreaded...united we must stand not guided by one but standing shoulder to shoulder we are all beings of this situation that we placed ours selves in, she can only point out the way we much choose as to walk that path or forage on though...if we all moved to a different path a pointless maze would be created and we would do nothing but force the next generation to continue on the same path and never she but if we all carry a light and place one along the way we can give them a chance to try a different path and continue to progress and move forward, my goddess guide us with your light and grant us strength so that we may continue day by day and allow kindness as well as understand right and wrong...seeing is not believing without trying and failing our world would not be made with so much color, so goddess that holds use so dear that make use flesh and blood be with use at our last breath so we may safely return and be a post that hold a fire burning bright

by Starseed Child

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Work of an active imagination in well expressed thoughts and feelings. Beautiful and lovely creation. Thanks for sharing.