The Goddess Of Rainbows

When you see a rainbow, what do you see?
do you see the colours in the sky or ignore the imaginary?
Is it so familiar that you accept that it is there?
Or do you see a reason that your mind cannot compare?
Will your eyes only see, things in black and white?
or do you understand the message that's plainly in your sight?
That life is full of different shades of red and blue and green?
If only people would open the mind of things that cannot be seen.
The love of life around you, the seasons of the year,
the message that is sent from God "My children, do not fear
for I am always with you, and if you tumble on your way
I will send a helping hand, to help you through the day.
Have faith that love surrounds you, someone will always care,
If the person is a stranger, remember I also will be there.
For the person I will send to you, will understand your pain
And that very special person will lead you to see the rainbow again".

by Marion Cole

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