The Goddess Of Wealth Who Sits On The Red Lotus Flower Offers!

The Goddess of Wealth
...who sits on the Red Lotus flower

offers the fair flow of water,
...affluent shadow,

affluence of paddy harvest, and fame,

huge prosperity,
...lots of wealth and property;

she also always offers longevity
...for those who are not deceptive and trickery!

by Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

Comments (2)

For those who are not deceptive and trickery. Nice work.
wonderful Tamil poem. தருஞ்சிவந்த தாமரையாள் தான். The Goddess who dwells on the red lotus'' voluntarily'' bestows all those mentioned in the poem to the people who have no ills in the heart... What a great faith we have had upon our Gods..