IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

The Golden Age Which Never Was.

Trebizond the fabled city.
Where everything was fair and just.
Lost to mankind, more’s the pity
Torn apart by greed and lust.

It seems that Mankind’s doomed to be
discontented for evermore.
Because he is too proud to see
he has enough and needs no more.

He has sufficient for his needs
but he is never satisfied.
His discontentment sows the seeds
for lasting peace to be denied.

What you have got he wants to take
by any means he can employ.
His lust and greed he cannot slake
and what he has he can’t enjoy.

He has to guard it constantly.
He is afraid the he might lose
his treasure to some enemy.
Although it is of little use.

For wealth cannot buy happiness.
Dissatisfied he pursues more.
He cannot understand that less
His peace of mind might well restore.

He is condemned by his own greed
to amass more than he can use.
Acquisition is his creed
He does not see that he could choose.

To be content with what he has
and does not need to strive for more
But sadly he will not: Alas
the systems rotten to the core.

Mammon rules the world today.
The cult of the celebrity
to ostentatiously display.
What you have gained dishonestly.

I would we could regain again
The values which our forebears knew.
An honest man was valued then
and what he promised he would do.

Today this rule does not apply
It is acceptable to lie
deny responsibility
and not incur a penalty

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