PG (December 1980 / Essex, Britain)

The Golden Key

I hold the golden key to heaven,
And I reach into paradise,
Knowing not to make others pay,
For I have learnt grace,
And have a beautiful face,
No promises said,
To trick the lord,
No running a vigilante cause,
No watching people suffer,
And only helping those in hell,
And I do wonder, is it an evil world?
How do I redeem myself?
And find peace with the lord above,
The lord who watches over me with love.

I turn the golden key,
Into the gates of paradise,
And I see glorious white light,
The darkness and shadows retreating,
I see magical colours,
Of all the colours of the spectrum,
Like a rainbow painting the sky,
And angels play harps,
Singing and dancing with joy,
Love for every woman and man,
And every girl and boy.

Everyone revels in paradise,
Smiling with sheer delight,
As they celebrate in the moonlight,
And grin with the rising sun,
No pain or memory,
To haunt these souls,
For they have found their way,
They have found security and control,
And I know I know them,
And am familiar with my milestones.

For I have the golden key,
My soul is pure white light,
And happiness I can see,
As I delve deep inside of me,
The houses, gardens, lakes,
Mountains, sunny days,
Warm nights, rich rainforests,
African villages, trains and planes,
All there in this paradise:
The paradise we call earth.

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