Abounding Belief

How abound is relief,
To sleep with the belief.
My life in times recent
Will turn out to be decent,
That will acquire heaven
On the stage of seven.
Life is like a candle
That one ought to handle,
And not have a blunder
To set it asunder.
Life is full of battles;
One confronts what rattles
One into a face up.
Will I did embrace up
To the greatest level,
For me now to revel.
With zeal I’ am burning,
Fortune I’ am earning.

by Obinna Kenechukwu Eruchie

Comments (2)

very true. very true when we mean love in its general social meanings.
~~An amazing, insightful, personal and affective poem. I have asked myself whether or not I would prefer not to feel. I have no definitive answer but I think one feeling of joy and or love, compensates for many feelings of sadness. May the wind whisper happiness and peace to my sensitive poet friend.