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The Good And Bad About Me
JK (08311980 / new york)

The Good And Bad About Me

Poem By jessie kollar

I lie for attention,
I corrupt people’s minds to get what I want
I have a different personality everyday
I have to step out of myself to make a choice
I am lost in myself
I like “different”
I like to make the rules
I can’t stand gossip unless it could benefit me
I do what I want
I say what is in my head
I love the feeling of lust and passion
I have no career
I don’t know where I’m going in life
I love animals
I am lazy
I can’t hold a job
I like to spend money
I am a girly girl
I have a dark and a light side
I can be crazy
I hate repetition
I can’t stand “dirty” houses
I hate putting away clothes
I hate washing dishes
The friends I keep are true
Dreams become my reality
I fear heights
I am selfish
I get stuff done when I have to
I hate our government
I love to smell pretty things
I love the outdoors
I like socializing
I like to be the center of attention
I help people in need
I think one person CAN change the world
If I really want something in life I get it
I love to dance and sing
I love the sound of falling water
I like watching the stars
I like the feeling of someone watching me
I like Jell-O with milk
I love to swim
I like walking on the morning dew
I like the smell of winter
I can grow a beard like a man
I have issues with my health
I love to feel needed
I have determination
I have to feel like a queen
I like coco at night
I don’t usually drink coffee
I hope for the best but expect the worst
I try to learn people
I cant hula-hoop

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