With A Focus More Noticed

There is a difference when one stumbles,
In a crumble that humbles.

It is noticed with more focused,
When notoriety is attached.

There is a difference when one speaks,
With a tone that seems to reach...
Beyond definition.

And there is a difference influenced by comprehension...
When ignorance is fought.
And a breaching of it leaks.

That which is taught...
Is feared by those who refuse to see,
A rise in higher consciousness.
And freely given by those who teach.

With a focus more noticed,
When notoriety is attached.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (10)

Coleridges great poem the Love, Light, and Calm essential qualities of a good great man. It is beautifully told by the great poet.Good men are the world's asset.
What a great poem to read :))
STC is very cryptic poet and his involvement in French revolution.. For shame, dear friend, renounce this canting strain! //Or throne of corses which his sword had slain? // LOVE, and LIGHT, And CALM THOUGHTS, regular as infant's breath: in fact he is talking to himself...I/We are the Maker of our Fate...we/I himself, maker is maker and Fate is Angelic Death
The poet exemplifies a person's great friend not others but himself. Great.
to no 'dear friend' replies he; he's replying to himself
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