Poem Hunter
The Good Life
(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

The Good Life

A good life means many things
It’s not just in your body, you know
It’s also in your mind as well
It’s what gives folks that inner glow

There isn’t a magic formula but
Well-being is certainly a treasure
Enjoying every single day you live
Makes your entire life a pleasure

The Lifestyle Center of America
With the help of the very latest
Medical research you can find
Yes, here you will get the best

They discuss many diseases
What causes them and what cures
Learning to take care of ones self
Feeding the body with what is pure

Good exercise and eating right
Help to keep our bodies fit
Finding the technique for you
And learning how to never quit

So this is what we learned that day
On this special trip that we took
More than film strips we could watch
And information we’d find in a book!

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the good life they say...........'you are what you eat' plus lil bit of exercising or workouts.nice piece marilyn!