The Good Life & The Bad

As I am resting
on the beach tonight
watching the ships
sail out-of-sight

It suddenly occurs
to me
There’s no place else
I’d rather be.

The sun is warm
and the breeze is fine.
What-A-Way! ! ! ! ! !
I spend my time.

Without a worry
Without a fear
I sip from my glass
of liquid cheer.

While on another
distant shore
My countrymen are fighting
in blood and gore

Why should I be
all-secure and safe,
While they
Fight-to-live another day?


I wonder, … Do-they-know

For they have answered
their nations call,
To protect “Freedom “
for one and all.

As the evening lights
grow dimmer
I hope that they
Have..…just a glimmer

How much I-love-them
one and all
and pray not one of them
will fall

When they return
on that day
I will show them
in my own small way.

That, No-matter-what
others may say
'Freedom' is worth
the price we pay.

I will give them drink and
give them song,
And welcome them home
where they belong.

And we will hold
our glasses high,
Until we say
our last good-byes.

Then we will part as
'Heroes and Friends'
and say… good-night
as 'Veterans'.

'Lest we forget-Freedom is not Free.'

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