Road Of Love

It lies in front of me like a road
With so many directions I can take
I stand lonely on my own
With confused decisions I got to make

Before I decide to take a step
I start to think of what I’ll do
After walking these lonely miles
Will I be able to ever find you?

I begin my journey into the unknown
Not knowing what to expect on my way
Word by word I begin to write
Of all the things I want to say

I walked to far and had to stop
Those feet couldn’t move no more
I have walked far too long
I couldn’t take no more for sure

I looked back to the road I took
The special one that I have chosen
But after all these lonely miles
I have ended up all heart broken

Once again I have walked these miles
Only wanting to see your angel face
Once again I have trusted my heart
Which has again led me to the wrong place

by flona flona

Comments (3)

This is a piece of shite. A purely fascist tool used towards the oppression of the feminine. It is no wonder the minions of Western Society can savor its bitter spite. For the writer to be deemed a poetess of a degree is but proof Western Civilization has succeeded in the genocide of poetry.
This Poem would be a GREAT children's book.
Sweet poem...really very sweet. :)