(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

The Good. The Bad. And, The Reality

It is good,
To have open and honest dialogue.
It is bad,
To dispute the truth of it.
Heard to hear.
Leaving the reality of it all,
Still to fall on deaf ears.
Since the climate this stubbornness,
Allowed to generate...
Does not appear to be able to clear,
Alone without shown assistance.

A choking pollution,
Ignored to refuse a viable solution.
Remains to increase a stagnation.
And those who sit in denial,
They have been...
Both reason and cause of it,
Continue to squeeze life to leave...
All of humanity,
Few options left to survive.
As those debate their petty,
And childish grievances...
Believe a peace that thrives,
Can only be done by weapons used.
To provoke peace into existence!
That proves who controls and rules,
Over a completed devastation.
The kind that silences a future.
And further accusations to make.

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