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The Good Wife

With love and respect
My companion for life
I'll cherish and protect
My very good wife.

We stood at the altar
We stood their we two
Our words did not falter
When we each said, 'I do.'

'For better for worse'
I did hear her say
I let her speak first
On that memorable day.

'In sickness or health'
Both then and for now
'Either poverty or wealth'
Was part of our vow.

'Till death do us part'
Those words I did hear
They're still in my heart
And have been for years.

With hugs from our kin
And blessings from friends
The banquet begins
With the love they extend.

At last we could no longer wait
Our carnal cravings won't be denied
For private chambers to consumate
Our lover's union satisfied.

The day we were wed our words did equip
Ourselves for the journey to walk side by side.
It keeps us together through life's long trip
When days are troubled and patience is tried.

by Glenn Grabbe

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