The Goose And The Gander

It was snowing, the wind was blowing, and the rooster was crowing,
When the goose got loose and drank some juice,
And the gander began to meander out yonder.
They joined up and drank with a pup from a cup.
Together each feather withstood the weather,
And that was the beginning of their courtship.
She wore a pink bonnet with flowers fixed upon it,
And a shawl of pink and blue, which was brand new.
He wore an old vest, that was torn at the pocket.
He brought her a gift, which he found on the ground
a pretty gold locket.
His cap was on backwards, with the bill toward the back.
A trickster by nature; you ought to hear him quack!
She made up her mind, he was one of a kind.
His vest should be lined, and his shoes should be shined.
But, with promises galore, that she hadn't heard before,
She thought with that pitch, he really was rich.
So, he got ditched they did not get hitched,
And that was the ending of their courtship.

by Millie I. Cassell

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