Some people paint pictures
Some people do math
That makes me wonder
Where's my talent at?
I've called and I've called
I've looked all around
but my special something's nowhere to be found.
I've tried to write stories
I've tried to read books.
Now where do I go
now where do I look?
It's not near my sketch pad
It's not anywhere!
Now I think only one question
'Is it possibly near! ? '
I've looked in the closet,
I've turned my room upside down!
Will my special something
EVER be found?
So after three days,
or an hour or two,
I just feel warn down,
and so glum,
and so blue.
But I'm also real tired.
It's getting hard to write.
So I'll just rest awhile.
So until then goodnight

by Anastasia Rai

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Comments (3)

Nice poem
Sassy indeed it has a uneque twist and use of vocabulary.
Enjoyed this quirky and sassy little poem!