Love Sonnet 76: 'Those Sweet Moments That We Commit To Mind,

Those sweet moments that we commit to mind,
Ensure past plights recalled, are those not bleak,
For these pockets of mirth we often find, Could spice our joys to strength when weak;
Your laughter I did save for somber times,
And goodly news withheld for dreary days;
Mind not scant songs, for we wrote reserved rhymes,
And kindness we could split up many ways;
Should you be gone someday, as do all things,
Your grin, like that of Cheshire Cat's, remains,
Just like the hope a worthy promise brings,
Or morn that soon the dawning day obtains;
……The fond moments are relics, oh so sweet,
……But memories that give a lonely treat.

by Reyvrex Questor Reyes

Comments (3)

Nice poem
Sassy indeed it has a uneque twist and use of vocabulary.
Enjoyed this quirky and sassy little poem!