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The Gordian Knot (Your Life Is Not The Same As Mine)

Gordian knot
yet perceived to be different
To untangle it from yours
so perceived by me
They all say.

The Gordian knot
laid upon flesh
it is possible
not some
wooden pole.

Upon our neck
has been placed
Yet none of them
have been able
to untie me.

Such from that knot
has now been placed
it matters no more
to all whom
did so know.

you see
there is but one trick
where the fault
now lays.

For to do as was
done so long ago
To severe the Knot
with pen not sword.

For they look at me
have I no say
when you wield
the pen
this sword?

Yet only see part of me
I feel the pain as all other's
they see what they think
they should see
it is so.

For some of you
have most
graciously been shown
they see
what they have been told to see
have seen through my pain
and by seeing
in the mirror.

They don’t see
the whole picture.

The mirror your self
for your gazing
for if they did into
one's self like that.

For those whom
some would go

I would no longer
be a mystery at that
unto my body inflicted
like that

They would be able
to untie my mystery
you so would think.

If they were but to classify me
as plain human being
with the very same flame
and not as that of a nut.

Yet to see the people
it is whom you would call
they would see
I am unique see
nothing unique
at all.

Just for your pleasure
you see not
the measure
please if
all prior knowledge
it is of thee
that I so pray

Not into oblivion
ever again
may I see.

Such a forlorn place

Where no human being
held for ransom
to line ones own
With that not
of linen.

Of knots or people
your knowledge
and wisdom
can supply.

Apply eyes
with which you have
to see
for if my mind
they need to look
at me as not tained
tis only with fear
at the power of some
with fresh eyes
whom so can wield.

which even the simplest
and an untainted
mind can see
Makes the fear
grow even more
so in me.

You see
the answer is here
you seek
is but in the mirror
of which I speak
for all to see

I am willing to share
with you
All that I have
but they have to
be willing
the hope that answer
all do seek.

May I help?

To open there eyes
and mind
to others
don't lock
away again
what's left of my

For even the best
miss some
Yet only then you can see
What is right in front of your

There is an in between
world crazy and not

You can see the answer
by that of deed and action.
Is the shadow in you
or could be the light.
but a better
human being
is there.

So many have missed
simply for the asking.

For freely will I give to all
If but that you would
ask the
right question
is all

James E McLain Jr & Unoticed Unknown

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your writting is so deep i love it.