WDS ( / North Kingstown, Rhode Island)

The Gray Shadow

Just when there's a glimpse of
sun peaking through the
Just when there's sign of
brightness, the storm and thunder sounds.

The ocean waves start to crash
on the rocky shore.
And from the sky comes the hail,
then it starts to pour.

A large gray shadow starts to
move closer to where I am.
A gloomy sad feeling comes
over me, faster then water over
a dam.

I pray to God to get me
through this,
and make the gray shadow
For it's the gray shadow that's
the cause of all my fears.

As I'm praying the raw of
thunder starts to fade out to
The clouds slowly part, and
the sun starts to peak.

The gray shadow did not win
this time around.
It did not indulge or make me
cry a sound.

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