The Great Divide

Sometimes we need to explore a situation wearing the shoes of opposition; tattered and worn we begin to understand a reason to search and rescue the vantage point of truth, from a diverse perspective.

Rarely believe only that which you see, for the element of surprise exists whether you see it or not, experience it or not, even participate in it or not. Now, how to transcend the great chasm between our willful desires. We create by the way we see life, respectively. Is it any wonder our journeys are so diametrically opposed? Well then, carefully guide me as a newborn craving nourishment, to the milk of a new philosophy; to your special place where eyes have not seen, nor foot tread upon. We've taken desire on a path beyond all indiscretion and into a reawakening, in a world comatose to the truth.

We are slaves of our Word in both honor and deceit. Yes,
We are slaves of our Word in both honor and deceit. How do you wish to be remembered? There is no desire in life more important than the passion one holds for the truth, and truth allows us to stand firm and acknowledge by faith, the perils we face amongst the outcry of injustice; what more can a man stand by, what less can he offer of himself? Honour is the challenge offered by God.

Life is significantly more than an ongoing work ethic. Success is significantly more than the sporadic accumulation of toys attempting to fill a void of loneliness. Was life meant to be truly what we make of it, only to become the dust of forgetfulness when were gone? Perhaps the authentic plan has been lost somewhere between our first friend and our last breath. A special friend who continually hails the call for our life to be fulfilling to ourselves and God.

An insatiable desire for the prize allures us all to distraction. Taken captive by a hypnotic Siren, she fully grants by obsession, all control. You may believe defiance to be your greatest attribute, however, the uncertainty of inexperience will GIVE her unprecedented control over you, willingly. Her song will melt the coldest heart, and eagerly tighten the clutches against any opposition. You are now poised at the precipice of desire. Lust may cause your headward tumble into destruction, tread ever so carefully upon this rocky path.
Search to find the intimacy of an impassioned soul who offers the same. Never be committed to the exclusivity of passion, It has brought down many.
Have you been trademarked a player? If so, you will never know, or be allowed access within, the true attitude of one’s heart, neither yours nor hers. Is this not what you seek? The mind will always question the sincerity of heart, ' are they really here for me and I for them, UNCONDITIONALLY? ' There is so much more to envelop then a taste of honey. True Love is Life itself with the honey, not an explosion of temporary pleasure with the hive. Remember being a player and agreeing to the terms works both ways. Each forms their own rules, plays for awhile, while everyone is on their best behavior, and then disposes of their used castoffs at will. To all those incapable of true love, I feel your pain and know there is One who has already suffered so you no longer have to. Just ask.

Putting on a performance has never caught you shy, so the show may appear entertaining for an audience of one. The 'new' one, temporarily enticed with your allurements of grandeur. You fear the consequences of having any too close, so you dump and begin again with a brand new heart and soul, ready to hear all that dribble once again. Are you not tired of fabricating tall tales to ensnare the less than cunning? Unwittingly fallen prey to your outward attraction, when indeed the decay lies from within. Congratulations on the loss of so much more. The use and abuse have no meaning to those incapable of love. To hold in your heart a conscience that puts another before yourself is a blessing you mock. Sometimes all we truly need in life is for someone to trust in us, no lies, no games, no judgments, just to believe in, period. To care as never before. To know the challenge and accept the mystery, unconditionally. Can You?

The gifts that make you a true visionary, captivate many. They define you as unique in a world of followers. My valued friend, remember, I will always believe in you enough to care, even knowing your game. However, the eventuality of all games is that they end. So wise and steady my friend, for a lapse of concentration will cause pride to snap the snare quickly, to your discontent.

by Ghost Writer Insomnis

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