Dreams Are Dreams And Nothing More

I am trapped within a population sea
So much my heart desires to be set free
Desire for large buildings, I have none
I want open fields and to see the rising sun
Traffic, cars, and concrete so coarse
I'll have no need of these if mounted upon a horse
To run! to gallop! All across the land
wind in my face, reins within my hand
My faithful compainon, I need no other friend
The bond between us, no one can comprehend
This vision brings me great happiness
But I cry because it is simple foolishness
For I know nothing of which I seek
I have never experianced that of which I speak
I am trapped within a population sea
I am trapped, with no way to be set free

by Glaedr the poet

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I think the text of this poems needs to be checked against the original. 'Carmel' is mentioned in 'About the Author' in the Random House edition. I cannot imagine him writing 'the Caramel Valley'