The Great Reworder (Not Meant For Children) (Diminishing - Nesting Rhyme)

Wait! Before you flutter by, Butterfly,
Will you sign this petition? Please reply!
What petition is that, Green Bottle Fly?

They accuse al Bashir of genocide.
There, Bottle Flies of Darfur, reside.
Quite frankly, we would like to save his hide.

Since Bashir, there is great satisfaction.
Green Bottle Fly growth, is the reaction.
Come, Butterfly, take part in the action!

We would help threaten and intimidate:
'Arrest him and terror they will recreate!
Then the population will once more abate.'

With Bashir free, again ride the Janjaweed,
And Green Bottle flies will again reseed.
Many fliowers will grow, too. SIGN! I plead!

Ah! Green Bottle Fly, THE GREAT REWORDER!
I see it as genocide and murder.
Before I'd help him, I'd suck on a burr*!

*burr (fruit, a type of seed or fruit with short, stiff
bristles or hooks) (Definition from

by Mary Naylor

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