A Husband Like You

How can I begin to tell you, what
it means having a husband like
you. When the chips were down,
nothing, was too much for you to
do. I watched you learn to take
over my chores, it was not an
easy task. But you did it, from the
bottom of your heart and I didn't
even have to ask. You gave up a
lot for me, in the months that did
ensue. How could I have made it,
without your love and you? I thank
you for your patience, your
tenderness and care. And most of
all, I thank you, for just being, there!

by Audrey Heller

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The stage is set and Pathetic yelps have sometimes greeted Noses pressed against the glass. When that coyote deigns to peer through the window of that home now filling out and encroaching upon his native land. Love it Neil
Tragic yet nostalgic picture of the passing of the great American West, that so few even care about.