The Greatest Downfall

Why do we set our selves up 4 disasters?
When we know the outcome wont be laughter.
Why do we continue to try when we know we are going to fail?
Why do we get locked up knowing we can’t afford to pay the bail?
Why do we hurt the ones we love
Is it just simply because
We know that they’ll always forgive
And why do we take everything away from them
Knowing we ourselves have nothing left to give
Why do we do things knowing what it is?
And even after knowing we continue 2 do it
Why do we continue to love when our heart always break?
Why don’t we just walk away?
Why can’t we leave things in the past?
Why can’t we move forward with out ever having to look back?
Well if we don’t give our selves the chance to try
We’ll never know what we are cable of
Or what we have inside
You’ll never know if it was meant to be
You will never know ALL that you can be
That’s why we do things knowing the outcome
And I took a chance by being with you
Because I thought you’d be the one
'It’s better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all '
And I realized that never loving a person or at least allowing yourself to
Is BY FAR the greatest downfall

by Shilesha Johnson

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'It’s better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all' I love that little quote... and your exactly right.... Loved your insight on the things you've written. great poem.