The Greatest Father

Through tear-filled eyes I asked the Lord why He too my Dad.
He was the best of fathers a girl had ever had.
God looked down with pity and I felt warmth in His smile.
I thought I felt Him hold me as He said, "Don't cry, my child."

"You see I just grew lonely for the child that I once knew.
He asked to be a father so I lent him, dear, to you
But just like any parent, I didn't want to be alone.
So as your dad grew older, I felt the need to bring him home." I thought about how sick dad was and how his body failed.
I knew, then God's sweet mercy, once again prevailed.
He couldn't watch dad suffer as it tore him all apart.
Just like any parent, His children are His heart. Though it was hard to say "good-bye", my mind was now at ease;
I started to say "thank you, Lord" for putting dad at peace.
Then as the words began to come, I knew deep in my soul
My Lord in Heaven's the greatest Father a girl could ever know.

by Margaret A. Brennan

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That was a beautiful write. Very heartfelt. Beautiful. Keep it up :) -Aryana